Real Estate Management Specialists has been serving the Metro Detroit area since 1989. Our professional staff has over 30 years of experience in marketing, sales and management of residential, multiple, and commercial real estate. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, we are here to assist you with your real estate needs.



Licensed Associates
•Knowledgeable and Educated
•Advanced Designation

Evaluate Marketability
•Free Comparative Market Analysis
•Assess Property Condition
•Recommend Improvements / Repairs
•Inspections/Certification Assistance
•Creative Marketing Strategies
-Selling As-Is or Repaired
-Rental or Cash Buyout

Promote and Advertise
•Recognized Sign

Professional Negotiation
•Understanding Terms and Conditions
•Partner Through Closing


Evaluate Potential
•Determination and Cost of Repairs
•Rent Comparison
•Tax Benefits
•Future Value

Select and Screen Tenants
•Detailed Rental Application
-Credit Report
-Reference Checks
-Employment Verification

Supervise and Maintain
•Insured and Qualified Contractors
•Comprehensive Record and Reporting System
•Secure Website Access to Reports
•Recorded Inspections

Rent Collection Services
•Fast Action on Delinquencies, Deficiencies, Evictions
•Net Proceeds by Mid Month



Portfolio Development
•Variable Investment Opportunities
•Potential Options
-Most Beneficial to Your Needs
-Remarket or Rent
-Seller or Lender Financed

Lender Servicing
•Full Service Asset Management
-BPO/REO Staff
-Pre-Foreclosure Monitoring
•Default/Foreclosure Counseling
-Relocation Assistance
•Security/Property Preservation
•Identifiable Insurance Claims